Neighbours® is a garden wall system/screen that stands out through its sleek design and for which Wood Concepts® developed a patented assembly system that can hardly be detected by the naked eye.
Thanks to this system, the beams can be installed only 40 centimetres beneath the ground. Just above the ground, Neighbours® is available in heights up to 3 metres.

The system satisfies the applicable standards with regard to wind load, steel constructions and anchoring.
What also makes Neighbours® unique is the wooden semi-transparent screen through a smart positioning of the wooden beams.

Neighbours® can contribute to a sleek design guaranteed to provide both privacy and contact with the surrounding environment. Available in tropical hardwood, Sustainability Class I In heights of 1.80 and 3 metres.

  • Sleek design
  • Unique design
  • Invisible mounting system (beneath the ground)
  • Complete privacy, with contact with the surroundings
  • Wind-proof
  • Delivered as a complete system

Patented assembly system