Free Willy ®

Free Willy® is a highly architectural wall cladding with strongly defined horizontal markings. Eye-catching and officially registered are its special tongue and groove joints, which ensure that the rainwater is unable to penetrate behind the cladding into the cavity, but is always discharged forward to the outside.  

Unique to the Free Willy® profile are the concealed ventilation openings which are milled in every 30 cm to keep the cavity nice and dry and particularly well ventilated. The innovative-  VentiWood® - solves the problem besetting most closed wall cladding systems at a stroke.

Yet Free Willy® still gives the impression of an airy, open trellis structure.

Where does the name Free Willy® come from?

You might well be wondering where we got the name for this wall cladding from and why. When you tilt the cross-section of this profile, you’ll notice it bears a strong resemblance to the friendly whale of the same name.


In 2010, Free Willy® was selected by Designregio Kortrijk as one of the region’s 50 most innovative products. Since then, the Free Willy® wall cladding design has been copied repeatedly, although the original remains significantly better than all the copycats. 

So beware of fakes! The real Free Willy® is easily recognisable from the unique integrated ventilation openings. 

If in doubt, contact us!

The name “Free Willy” is a registered trademark and hence may not be used for purposes other than the promotion of products from Outdoor Wood Concepts. No intermediary party is permitted to use photographs, illustrations or documentation belonging to the manufacturer without permission.

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