Decking in hardwood

Having a deck made from tropical hardwood enables you to enjoy the outdoor life even more. Timber decking from Outdoor Wood Concepts® creates a particularly lovely transition between home and garden. The right choice of timber type and the versatile designs and installation methods available mean that our decks fit perfectly with the style of your home.

They are all carefully designed and manufactured with an eye to achieving maximum aesthetic results, providing excellent durability and the minimum of maintenance. Both for appearance as well as for your comfort and safety, the edges of the decking boards are bevelled. Like some of our other cladding systems, the decking boards are tongue and groove at the end to create an additionally sturdy structure.

Our hardwood decking boards are attached invisibly on the underside using Bfix Plus clips, which adds to the purity of the design.


Want something that’s more playful, creative and informal? In that case Swing® is definitely the style of decking that will suit you. Swing® is a totally new approach to the concept of decking. Swing® takes you off the beaten track and creates decks with decoratively curved boards. 

No more of those boring old straight lines! The organic shapes harmonise perfectly with a rural building style, generating a fun contrast with sober, modern design. Swing® enables you to have curves that differ from 30 to 50 cm between the starting and finishing points. Once again, the boards are attached invisibly on the underside using Bfix Plus clips.

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