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Free Willy ®
Outdoor Wood Concepts

Free Willy® is a highly architectural wall cladding with strongly defined horizontal markings.

Woodface ®
Outdoor Wood Concepts

Woodface® is an innovative solid timber vertical wall design that enables you to create a totally personalised façade.

Outdoor Wood Concepts

“h”[age]® is a contemporary form of timber wall cladding that can be installed both horizontally and vertically.

Outdoor Wood Concepts

Garden enclosures and fencing provide a decorative and practical solution for enabling you to enjoy your garden in total privacy.

Decking in hardwood
Outdoor Wood Concepts

Having a deck made from tropical hardwood enables you to enjoy the outdoor life even more.

Outdoor Wood Concepts

Neighbours® is a garden wall system/screen that stands out through its sleek design and for which Wood Concepts® developed a patented assembly system that can hardly be detected by the naked eye.