About us

Outdoor Wood Concepts® is a manufacturer of solid timber wall cladding, decking and garden screens. We offer creative, innovative and high-quality solutions for the sustainable exterior  beautification of any home van, resulting in architectural added value. Retail outlets, offices and commercial buildings also use our contemporary timber solutions and applications. 

Starting our business years ago as a traditional timber merchant, we at Outdoor Wood Concepts® can look back on all of the experience we have built up over that time, coupled with our comprehensive knowledge of the market and materials – all of which drives us forward both aesthetically and technically. We are constantly thinking in conjunction with our distributors and specifiers to find ways of guaranteeing stunning results for our end-customers.

At the present time, the Outdoor Wood Concepts® range consists of three product groups: wall cladding, garden screens and decking. For every application we use sustainable types of wood, sourced from responsibly managed forests. Many of our timber types also display the much sought-after grey patina as they age. Discover our full range on this page.

Wall cladding        
Full wall cladding or partial (top) cladding, also known as siding, is now produced in a range of different materials. But no other basic material can really compete with the natural warmth and looks of solid wood.

At Outdoor Wood Concepts® we have created, developed and registered a number of our own design concepts. These include special tongue and groove joints, integrated corner profiles and milled ventilation vents. These products all ensure smoother installation, more beautiful aesthetic results and the optimum discharge of water. 

Every single one of these innovative approaches has since become the leading references in the industry. It goes without saying that all Outdoor Wood Concepts® wall cladding products are ideal for both new-build applications and renovations. Our wall cladding types are, depending on the type and finish, available in sustainable timber species such as African Padauk or Coralwood, Thermowood®I/A, Afrormosia and W.R. Cedar, W.R. Cedar jointed or Larch IV, where necessary with FSC® or PEFC® certificate.         

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